Print Engineer, DuPont Advanced Printing (BS) (018

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Location Wilmington, DE
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Posted November 21st

Advanced Printing is one of the five lines of business in DuPont Electronics and Imaging. Advanced Printing delivers advanced flexographic printing solutions for consumer packaging and digital printing inks for textile, commercial, home, and office applications that deliver consistent, high-quality print performance and productivity.

Electronics and Imaging. Our science is leading the way in providing efficient energy the world needs to thrive; enabling smaller, smarter, more stylish and affordable electronic devices and eye-catching displays; and advancing leading technologies and products for the flexographic printing and package printing industry and high-quality digital inks.

Job Description
The primary responsibility of this role is to operate & troubleshoot industrial ink jet printers and related equipment to support the development of inkjet inks.

• Operate, maintain, and calibrate commercial inkjet printers, custom printing equipment, and supporting equipment such as calendars, dryers, etc.
• Develop and implement test methods and techniques to evaluate experimental inks
• Troubleshoot and diagnose jetting and image quality defects
• Evaluate print quality through visual inspection and various characterization techniques
• Profile ink sets on all media
• Maintain a safe work environment by following site safety policies and procedures

Job Qualifications

• BS degree in electrical engineering, physics, computer science or related field
• Knowledge of color science as applied to the evaluation of print quality is highly desirable
• Demonstrated experience operating and troubleshooting problems associated with complex electromechanical equipment
• Experience operating and calibrating inkjet printing systems
• Knowledge of printheads and printing technologies is highly desirable
• Hands-on experience with electro-optical systems, optical components, and digital imaging systems is highly desirable
• Knowledge of digital communication protocols as they apply to printer operation and control subsystems is highly desirable
• Proficiency in Excel and other Microsoft Office programs
• Experience writing computer code, scripts, and/or macros is highly desirable
• Experience with software programming for motion control, image capture and analysis, and/or electronic device operation. (VB, LabView, C++) is highly desirable
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Motivated self-starter with good organizational skills and attention to detail
• Works effectively in a team environment

DuPont is an Equal Opportunity Employer
DuPont is an e-Verify Employer


Apply online at: http://careers.dupont.com/jobsearch/job-details/print-engineer-dupont-advanced-printing-bs/018822W-01/442960/