Die Cutter- Field Technician

KBA North America, Inc.

Location Dallas, TX
Website https://us.koenig-bauer.com/

Posted October 18th

Job Responsibility: The Die Cutter- Field Technician travels to customer locations to install, maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair mechanical, pneumatic, and operational issues for KBA die cutters The Field Technician interacts directly with the customer listening to their needs and asking probing questions in preparation for the installation or service call and must be able to effectively communicate technical information and resolutions to customers with varying degrees of technical knowledge and abilities. The Field Technician must come up with the plan of action to address the customer issue with an emphasis on quality work (fix it right the first time) and efficiency to minimize installation or downtime and to control costs.

Major Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

*Minimum of 5 years die cutting experience.
Perform various mechanical repairs, electrical repairs, installation, and maintenance on KBA equipment at customer sites including but not limited to , gripper bars, chains, rails, pumps, drives, infeed, stripping, blanking, and delivery
*Perform thorough audits on machines, as scheduled, inspecting complete machine and identifying worn or damaged parts with emphasis on safety-related issues. Identification of parts, parts numbers, estimating necessary repair time for each component, and prioritizing list of needed repairs by safety, quality, and production.
*Troubleshoot complex mechanical issues with thorough research and investigation using available documentation such as service manuals and repair documentation, internal resources such as other technicians, Director of Technical Service, or Service Manager to accurately identify the necessary repairs and the root cause analysis for the failure.
*Determine and execute an action plan for making necessary repairs including identifying necessary parts and working with the customer and KBA Parts Department in the procurement of parts, working with the customer and KBA Service Department on the necessary time and schedule for repair, working with Service on additional labor or specialized skills necessary to do the job, working with KBA Warehouse and Service in the arrangement of any special tools needed for the job.
*Deliver world-class customer service with each and every customer interaction including introducing or greeting the customer upon your arrival, listening and asking questions of the customer to understand how you can help, informing customer of your findings as well as recommended action plan including schedule and timeline, and touching base with customer at the end of the job or during critical milestones while on the job.
*Fulfill the obligation of the original service call and see the service call through completion making any arrangements for alternative schedule, as deemed necessary, with the Service Department. Requests for additional work outside the scope of the original service call must be arranged through the Service Department.
*Complete accurate and timely records including recording parts used and returned, updating open/closed issues spreadsheet, recording time, expenses, and work performed in MDS, and any other required paperwork or records.
*Adhere to all applicable customer practices and policies while working at their site including arrival and departure procedures, following safety policies and using necessary personal protective equipment, and adhering to policies regarding smoking and eating in the workplace.
*Performs other related job responsibilities as necessary based on business needs.


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